#soberoctober day 16: now with previous/next links!

Oct 16, 2017 22:56 · 189 words · 1 minute read

Today my colleague delivered the 3D print of my day 9 STL file. We printed it at approximately 20mm*20mm*4mm to verify that I got everything right. Other than orienting Y-axis up instead of correct Z-axis up, the scale and mesh were fine and produced a print with excellent fine detail. Now I’m working on the full scale project, which will be a sign for the company dishwasher.

I’m getting stronger with my kettlebell. Week one was 50 swings each morning, week two was 60, today I’ve bumped it to 75. My original ambition of 100 swings in week 2 was ambitious. I think these counts are about right; each Monday I have felt some mild aches in lower back about 8 hours after the workout (but no pains during or immediately after the workout), the aches are gone by Thursday.

I’ve updated the nav bar on this site, learning the basics of CSS Flexbox in the process. I’ve added previous/next links between posts, kept the nav visible while scrolling, and reflowed it at low screen resolutions. Seems that modifying other people’s CSS is more difficult than writing your own…