#soberoctober day 9: blender looks easy amirite

Oct 9, 2017 21:42 · 139 words · 1 minute read

Today’s project: Make a 3D Printable STL file!

I don’t have a 3D printer but a colleague just got one and has kindly offered to collaborate if I give him an STL.

I know that’s a filetype of 3D models but I’ve never made one. Time to figure it out.



  • Learned to set an object’s pivot center
  • Learned to import and extrude an SVG
  • Learned to convert curve to mesh
  • Learned the boolean difference modifier
  • Learned what a “non-manifold mesh” is (but not how to fix it)
  • Learned that some 3D printers consider Y axis to be vertical

Figuring out the above and producing this stl took ~3 hours.