#soberoctober day 10: svg ftw (edit: not yet)

Oct 10, 2017 21:27 · 766 words · 4 minutes read

Long day today, leaving me with no time to dive deep into SVG Animations by Sarah Drasner (O’Reilly). Copyright 2017 Sarah Drasner, 978-1-491-93970-3.

Let’s see what I can get done with an hour and some lipsum…

… Not very far. My objective was to make an arrow that starts pointing down and animates to point up as you scroll down the page.

After conceding that was not a newbie task, I just looped the animation.

I don’t see a way to set an infinite repeat count with the animation: css shorthand.

I first tried animating the x2, y2 properties of the arrowhead line segments, but apparently that’s not a thing and I need to use transform CSS property or transform property of an SVG element. I did not find any examples of animating the latter.

As you can see, I haven’t figured out how to chain rotate and translate.

I did learn about the viewBox property and have used it to place my SVG’s origin at the center, which made a huge improvement.

Almost all docs I’ve found give up and use a JS library. It would be nice to avoid that.

Maybe I’ll learn a correct way to do it and update this post?

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