#soberoctober day 28: smash up

Oct 28, 2017 23:54 · 171 words · 1 minute read

Another day of tabletop gaming, this time a send off to a departing collegue. We went to the office, blasted some music, and played Smash Up. It’s a card game where each player gets two decks, smashes them (i.e. shuffles them together) and takes turns playing cards from hand onto “base” cards on the table. Once there are enough minions on a base, the players with the strongest minions earn some victory points, the base and minions are discarded, and a new base is put into play.

My first game was Sharks + Tornados. The sharks were strong at attacking other minions, the tornados were good at moving cards cards around between bases. The next game I had Dinosaurs and Aristocrats; Dinos were big and had buffs; Aristocrats loaned your minions to opponents for benefits.

I lost hard but I enjoyed the game. I think there’s a lot of depth that I haven’t encountered yet.

After those games we went out for steaks, then played Magic for four hours. Nuff said.