#soberoctober day 24: another mediocre chart

Oct 24, 2017 21:41 · 104 words · 1 minute read

I was gonna make a sweet-ass graph that put yesterday’s to shame but then I watched some youtube and now it’s 21:45. I’ll give it a go anyway!

# get timing data for one driver's race:
suzuka/laps Ω cat 2001.laps.json |\
jq '.[] .Timings[] |select(.driverId == "alonso") .time' |\
jq -s '.' > ../../hugosite/static/misc/2001.alonso.laps.json

@23:27 - Meh. I’ll take it. I learned how to deal with margins, how to draw and position axes, how to zero pad numbers.

chart source

Next time: plotting a second time series on the same chart; show details of the data points on hover; make x-axis start at 1.