#soberoctober day 21: combinatorics beat me

Oct 21, 2017 23:50 · 243 words · 2 minutes read


I’m still having a real blast playing Magic downtown at King Of Cards. I won about $6 worth of cards after entering a free “Standard Showdown” tournament with a borrowed deck. Neat.

After the shop closed, I spent a good hour looking at all the custom playmats available at Inked Gaming. There’s a bunch of nice ones but I want to design one that has the Golang gopher on it. Playmats are just soft mats you put your cards on. They can protect cards from the table surface, but since I use card sleeves, I’d only be buying one for the looks.

more fun:

@pltvs from the Gophers slack linked a Go challenge. My solution used the same basic approach as other submissions but mine’s a bit slower.


After pull-requesting that submission, I spotted a failed travis build and decided to fix it. Then I ate humble pie because the failure stems from a challenge I can’t solve yet. I’ll paraphrase it as:

Given n coins, separate them into m piles of size m1, m2
What is the size of the set of pile sizes?
For example, the set of pile sizes for:
n=3 is (3) (2 1) (1 1 1)
n=4 is (4) (3 1) (2 2) (2 1 1) (1 1 1 1)
and the size of those sets are 3 and 5 respectively.

If you’ve got a solution, populate this function, run the tests, and open a PR!