#soberoctober day 6: 剁椒鱼头BBQ

Oct 6, 2017 21:21 · 156 words · 1 minute read

One Friday per month, Movio has a barbecue, with responsibility rotating among squads. Today it was Red Squad’s turn and it was good.

My squadmate Gary planned the menu and was chief grillmaster. Following his recipes, we made green bean stuffed chicken wings, fish head chili, fish fillets, omelettes, handmade noodles, and egg-free vegan noodles. Our product owner Vlad also made fried halloumi, sausages and regular chicken wings as backup dishes.

Things I learned from the barbecue:

  • Halloumi was made especially for grilling
  • Check propane fittings for leaks by covering with with soapy water, opening valves, and looking for bubbles
  • You can turn dough into noodles by smacking it on the counter repeatedly to stretch it (or, in our case, a sanitized desk)
  • Some green chilis are hot

If you wish your company did sweet barbecues and you’re interested in the marketing side of the movie business, you may want to check out Movio’s open positions.