#soberoctober day 2: out with the mold

Oct 2, 2017 08:00 · 172 words · 1 minute read

Keep catching myself reaching for my e-cig, locked far away. Bought seven types of gum to try instead. “5 Watermelon” package indicates eating the whole pack results in a laxative effect, neat! Considered buying some nicotine-free ecig liquid but that feels like cheating…

Today’s Achievements

  • Doused my moldy bedframe in sodium hydroxide
  • Found and threw out a moldy spare pillow
  • Yoga: for the first time in Downward Dog I touched my heels to the ground
  • Set up Hugo and compiled these first posts from markdown

Arch, worth its own section…

  • Got my brightness function keys working thanks to jmesmon/illum
  • Learned how to close windows with awesome (default super-shift-c)
  • Learned how to throw windows around workspaces (super-shift-2), switch workspaces, (super-2), reflow workspace (super-space)
  • Learned why firefox was covering up all my other windows - I hit super-T instead of ctrl-T, making awesome “keep on Top”

Arch wishlist:

  • Show bandwidth use, wifi state, battery level in system tray
  • Make my clock update DST automatically.
    (edit: sorted after a locale switch and reboot)
  • Volume/mute hotkeys