6 years of bitcoin youtube comments

Nov 29, 2017 01:00 · 26 words · 1 minute read

Presented for your amusement and/or chagrin, six years of comments on a Bitcoin video.

Chad Looney- You didn't buy gas with bitcoin, your friend HODL2theMoon- 1:51 and if only he'd known those two gallons JAKE W JONES- Yocoin is the best future cryptocurrency for Vention1MGTOW- LOL! He may have yellow teeth but he's almost King Johnson- You yeollow teeth motherfucker what did he pay PapayaMan- My god he is PALE bizzarrogeorge- Thank you for demonstrating how to use this fake Tyrell Jones- Great camera work, really brings out the yellow Buchiach- neckbeard phaggots Rafael Samsa- Michael Jackson back? ..... O.o Youtube_user- Just to let other people know - this gentleman Colin Stienke- other words you have to find an other SomethingRules- good shit ryanucr- A lot of fucking about - just pay for João Santos- btw , i'm just here to ask if shotgunbadger- So you didn't buy gas, you paid a dude d3spis3m3- $8 well spent. stuthewise- He's talking about the T-Mobile G1 (better known as TehBobb- Nevermind the warning about leaving stupid ass comments on Harold BeaumontFinns- Psst. It's bullshit. herbalist81- how the hell did you even show us that WideWorldOfWisdom- If his mate is so irrelevant, let's take him WideWorldOfWisdom- Yeah...that myth was busted on Mythbusters in the second GodlessMartyr666- would be funny if he just drives off then GodlessMartyr666- nice mountains bro deltaray3- Nevermind the warning about using cell phones around gas Mike Trieu- or so must not have been within the Tampaterry54- my point is that bitcoin is hilariously unstable and Tampaterry54- yeah I sure am cause a month or so Mike Trieu- At roughly 112.781 USD at the time of Mike Trieu- Wow, I bet you're really eating that crow Anton Chigurh- I guess you didn't see his other video.. Moldy Kock- wtf this is just buying petrol wtf nayt electrictroy2010- My phone is G1.  Doubtful.  G1 wireless InFaDeLiTy- Dem Teef Tone Deaf- How to buy Gas with Blowjobs. 1: Fill anon manonearth- he paid bitcoin, and got gas, wt his nithia- I am running 2 7870s and am getting 800-900MHash/s ENSUE- You must be running a very shitty CPU or Swapster .com- So he used .75 BTC to get $8 SelfHatingWhite- where are your bitcoins now Gamah1991- and you wouldn't brag about selling a goat for phuturephunk- Granted, but I stated it in a pretty even wavepattern- HE DIDNT PAY FOR IT!!!! ANOTHER BITCOIN SCAM!!!! A phuturephunk- Listen, I'm all for people trying new things, but phuturephunk- Its not particularly portable, its not easily traded, its nithia- Ok so that some of you understand here. BTC nithia- Every currency has had scams ponzis and failed businesses Andrei Braga- you ugly michael jackson looking mother fucker nithia- Its a new currency and not many people use nithia- When/if the value of BTC becomes stable then you nithia- The point here is that the same could be MrkBO8- Thats become one expensive gas tank drumstyx6464- This kills the currency. Beenhard- Wow this looks super handy and quick! Buttcoin really Hookah Bergher- If you would of held onto those coins Bradley Johnson- doushe' Jordan Brock- next time you do a video see about ChillDzify- Dont even have 85 here? wth is that? Ketú Cãt- This should be renamed: How to Conduct Commerce OzClawhammer- Those samsung Nexus phones were awful :( juicyjohnbox- i agree with this but i dont agree with Let's ChangeTip- I don't care what you morons think, this Alexander Gentile- @Communismkeke Marcus Wilson- Bitcoin has stablished itself strongly on the gambling Amateur Thespian- So all you have to do is carry KeKeKe!- so buying gas with bitcoins is as easy as phuturepunk- Not exactly time efficient...well you just failed as a CB- Basically the mop top dude swindled the other guy. Rich K- LOL pure gold J Katyusha- Yeah, it's had even more scams and ponzis autoaimcfg- Look, a couple of child porn enthusiasts. How's that Roger Ver- Bitcoin has come a long long way since dudedudeguydude- Are you a wizard? gregory king- even if he pay or use the bs fdf ff- Actually i think he's kind of cute - Just Do It- use those coins to get laid, didnt Dominik Badel- You are one son of a nerd, its infebious- I can tell that you smoke weed and are Eviscerate- Get a job bitcoin hippies! The Real Plato- @Brandon Doty et al: I turned my Brandon Doty- Because the dude with a mop on his Brandon Doty- This is stupid, you did not actually pay rebaj83- great news : next time show us you can Blarghalt- This guy looks exactly like the kind of person logick0- show us how to buy toothpaste with bitcoins on Brad- people who don't brush their teeth The 25th Psychonaut- Ok thanks for the history lesson but Scott Vogler- lol, no reason to get defensive....i just think eztocrypt- Your A fucking doosh Fuck your rainy afternoon The 25th Psychonaut- Ok for Christs' sake dude I'm not Scott Vogler- In Germany during world war 2, their government The 25th Psychonaut- Ok where do I begin...I didn't say Zoo Monkey- If you don't know why they are doing wacky_Jacqui- U shud use ur bit coins 4 a shave mahzorimipod- haha, take that fiat currency!!!! Hueristic- Retarded. blindbrad11- dave grohl? xXHardc0rExFaNXx- wait why are people disliking this video? The 25th Psychonaut- Ok but we're talking about converting bitcoins Bean Nuggett- no as far as i know you cannot METALMAN4Wii- I'll sell you $1000 worth of Monopoly money for Piero Scaruffi- SHUTUP HIPPIE ERTLPFM- And then mybitcoin died. head2fiststyle12345- i run my beard from my face to my SputnikTripulator V- Hahahahah... By Vermont I mean Vegas. You got Charles Bronson- Pathetic haters Ragnaldo17- you look like an turd Eppit Tanka- :03 is the face I'm making whenever I Eppit Tanka- A bitcoiner, making shit up and having weird Eppit Tanka- yeah i'll just take that as a more Eppit Tanka- are you as ugly or more ugly than aerojamoo- What did the guy in the store say when scabbybuttcrack- Plato needs to smoke less from the looks of Gh0streach- @xIUBUNTUIx you need to go to blockchain[DepartmentOfTransportation]info DepartmentOfTransportation is loopafox- so how did this actually work, did you pay dirkzomartirqkar45497- @iStoDiaolo jep! they payed with bitcoins to each other.. xIUBUNTUIx- @therealplato what is a botcoin, how do they convert Kostas Eftaxias- Next time buy a camera with FOCUS! 12QWASZXQWERTYUIOP- lol @ buttcoins The Real Plato- @jetli80 You sell them to someone. There's jetli80- So how do you convert bitcoin back into main liameras11- bunch of idiots, just pay with fkng money nerds do0rkn0b- i paid for gas with money once. [ ]- @danthemanzizzle He wasnt his friend. He was sending Famoxnl- @gamerfaghag bitcoins isnt fake -- you can pay webhosting None Oftheabove- Can you buy dental work with bitcoins? The Real Plato- @danthemanizzle i'd never met this guy before The 25th Psychonaut- So the answer is...find someone who has Melon Bread- Nice G1 =3 The Real Plato- @Leprechraun as a matter of fact yes! ö. . ,- Yeah. Mad Max will accept bitcoins. Dealit707- Dumb & Dumber II snapsalot- @6Diego1Diego9 hhaahahahaaha Leprechraun- Hey man can you buy toothpaste with  bit Tampaterry54- maybe you could invest in toothpaste you fucking idiot, Jake Davis- CASASCIUS AND PLATO? Did your parents name you Jake Davis- 3 things about you. 1. You are a Adolfo Hitler- cut ur hair je suis la lune- What the fuck is a bitcoin? Sardonic- This guy's the son of Torgo.  I watch Weedlord Bonerhitler- please do a video on how to buy blankadventure- uhhh he still bought the gas using $USD banduril- i bet they consummated some other things after the liquid cyberpunk- go bitcoin Alan Smithee- @Helmholz42 Sure it could.  You get a oceandevil- So to buy gas with Bitcoins all I need Inspector71- It's so simple!  Why isn't everybody using Bitcoins Eppit Tanka- @trlababalan3000 Gas stations don't generally have a lot Eppit Tanka- You look like someone who would pay for VCBee042- next we'll be showing you how to purchase doritos black1abel- scrub Stephen Sal- Can you pay for a hooker with bitcoins? Uthael Killeanea- @icewalker23 The gas station probably has their own Joel Adamson- @therealplato So you're not actually buying gas with motorsportstuning- dumb..  M3 DEBIT CARDS CC SAME STUFF The Real Plato- @icewalker23 its a proxy buy, casascius is icewalker23- i'm pretty slow, so pardon my stupid question but Dalai Llama- Please support the FREE BITCOIN project, send bitcoins Dalai Llama- Yeah you can pay for ass with BTC!! nanor- @LoveRec0rds lol this is the new 419 myname4731- Huh? NYWAORCANZ- @6Diego1Diego9 well, I think they can just buy them LoveRec0rds- hey dude givme a 1BTC donation to get started 6Diego1Diego9- i bet these guys get all kinds of pussy. Alexx Saver- Cool! :D